Helmi (HELL-me) was an IU member island in the northern hemisphere. The volcano that dominated the southwest coast is called Tunturi Mountain. It has been dormant for hundreds of years.

History Edit

Helmi and Laku had been in contact since the -800s.

Helmi historically had a number of wealthy elite families. However, over time the common folk grew increasingly dissatisfied with the fact that the elite were not contributing meaningfully to society. In -72, this came to a head and the estates of the most prominent families were stormed by people demanding an end to the inequality. 

These wealthy families generally valued their lives more than their wealth, and a protocol was implemented through which much of this money would be spent on public infrastructure projects and the wealthy would join the rest of society. In 7, the last of this money was spent improving the island's irrigation based on the systems used in Bhalua and Caalgen.

Government Edit

Helmi had a single elected executive official and an elected legislative body. High-ranking government positions were largely appointed by elected officials.

Culture and Values Edit

Guided by the influence of Laku and other early IU nations, the importance of everyone contributing to the society to which they belong became a dominant value on Helmi.

Language Edit

Cosprak was the official language of Helmi. The two Helmitic languages (Upper and Lower Helmite) were subjects of study, but were not used in everyday life. IU Sign Language (IUSL) was used by the Helmite Deaf community.