Ilesar (ILL-eh-sar) was an island in the southern hemisphere. It was a founding member of the Island Union. The capital, Haro, was located just to the north of the large lake in the Northeast.

History Edit

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Ilesar and its sister island, Ilona, are believed to have once been one a single land mass known as Ilaria. It is thought that they were separated by a rise in sea level thousands of years ago.

Grain has been cultivated on Ilesar for hundreds of years. It is unclear whether early cultivation techniques originated on Ilesar or Ilona.

Government and Economy Edit

Ilesar had a single elected executive official and an elected legislative body. High-ranking government positions were largely also elected.

Culture Edit

Making and creating have long been a critical part of the culture on Ilesar. A traditional coming-of-age ritual dating back to before the IU's formation involved the presentation of an invention, creation, or other work by a youth to the head of their family. This signified that the youth was ready to begin producing and contributing to the family as other adults did. Heritage and family were also important parts of Ilesarian culture, and households tend to be large, containing multiple extended family members.

IU values of productivity and achievement can be solidly traced back to Ilesar. 

Language Edit

Cosprak and Ilesarian were the official languages of Ilesar. Cosprak was used in schools, but elementary Ilesarian was required and was used with some frequency in everyday life. IU Sign Language (IUSL) was used by the Ilesarian Deaf community.

Notable People and PlacesEdit

Ilesar and Ilona, near the heartland of the IU, are well-known for their top academic facilities, including:

  • The Centro de Investigación Patógena (CIP), a research facility that specializes in pathogenic agents, both viral and bacterial. They are the center of epidemiology in the IU and house a vast library of live pathogenic agents.
  • Haro University, a leading IU university situated in the capital city of Haro.
  • The Ilesarian Technical Institute (ITI), the first sister school of the Ilonan Technical Institute. The network has since expanded to include the Laku Technical Institute and others.