Laku (lah-KOO) was an IU member island in the northern hemisphere. It was home to the largest land mammals Unda had, which were raised for meat and milk.

History Edit

There is proven contact between Laku and Helmi from before -800. Afterwards, there were periodic, albeit irregular, voyages between the two.

Animal husbandry had a long history on Laku, with animals being raised for meat and milk.  They also grew crops in the grasslands surrounding the highest mountain.

First contact with the pre-Island Union (IU) coalition of Tekal, Ilona, and Ilesar occurred in -163, with Laku and Helmi joining them in -152. The residents of Laku were excited to explore the world.

In the decades of controversy leading up to the Representation Incident (289—304), Laku played a leading role in objecting to the inequality of IU expeditions. Prior to the Incident, such expeditions were disproportionately composed of crew and scientists from Tekal, Ilona, and Ilesar, which conflicted with traditional Lakuan ideals of equality. Lakuan leaders believed that the central government had become corrupt and had abandoned its ideal of merit-based positions, and protested. The resulting Treaty of 304 recreated the IU as a new system through which government, research, and art would be truly more collaborative between its member nations.

Government and Economy Edit

Laku had a single elected executive official and an elected legislative body.  High-ranking government positions were largely also elected.

Two major industries dominate the Lakuan economy: agricultural produce, and mining. Of the two, the former has been and continues to be the most important; not only financially, but culturally as well. Of particular repute on Unda is the island's animal produce.

Culture and Values Edit

The belief that all people should be viewed as equal has long been a Lakuan value. From the earliest recorded texts coming from the island, the ideal that everyone has potential and that none should be hindered in their actions has become a recurring motif. This encompasses gender: men, women, and those who were neither were all considered of equal value to the community.

Education Edit

Laku had two major institutions of higher education: Universitet Ostrova Laku (University of the Island of Laku) and Laku Technical Institute. Laku Tech was part of a network of technical institutions across the IU, and offered highly theoretical background in engineering as well as practical technical classes.

Language Edit

Cosprak and Lakuan were the official languages of Laku.  Laku was taught in a few schools, and was falling out of use in daily life, particularly in major cities. IU Sign Language (IUSL) was used by the Lakuan Deaf community.