Pax (packs) was an equatorial island and the center of the IU.

Pax was uninhabited for most of its history, due to the harsh climate and storms. It was eventually made home to the biannual gatherings of Tekal, Ilona, and Ilesar, and this tradition later grew to incorporate other islands, and eventually became the Island Union.

Pax had long been the home of innovation, creativity and advancement. Though eventually permanent buildings were constructed, it had no permanent residents– everyone from the most lowly janitor to the executive head of the IU themselves are only on Pax for a limited time.

Pax was home to the distinguished University of Pax, the center of learning across Unda. Buildings for the University -- as well as the rest of Pax -- had to be exceptionally sturdy due to equatorial storms that ravaged the island in the stormy season. Most of these buildings were thick, monolithic domes.